Characterisation of thin films and interfaces with Dr Ben Robinson


Characterisation of thin films and interfaces
Friday 14th May 2021, 9 – 10am | Microsoft Teams
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Join Dr Benjamin Robinson, Senior Lecturer in Quantum Nanotechnology and Deputy Director of the Lancaster University Materials Science Institute, to learn about the fabrication of ultra-thin films and characterisation of interfaces.

All materials have interfaces. These include the outermost surface, which interacts with the local environment, or they may be between two components buried with a structure’s bulk. Most real-world materials and devices are complex, multi-layered structures with many interfaces and the properties of these interfaces can disproportionately dictate the structures performance. All interfaces are governed by the physical and chemical properties of just a few nanometres of material, and understanding these ultra-thin regions is essential to many challenges in materials design, development and quality control.

This seminar will give an overview of the state-of-the-art characterisation capabilities available through GISMO at Lancaster University to map the mechanical, electrical and chemical properties of material interfaces. Attendees will also learn from examples where an interface’s properties have been modified by inclusion of tailored ultra-thin films and case studies of previous industrial use.

Meet our materials science experts and find out about how to engage with Lancaster University’s Materials Science Institute and the GISMO programme to drive innovation and improve business prospects, improve the reliability and performance of your products and processes, and find out more about the specialist facilities at Lancaster University.

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