Chemicals & Hydrogen

Are chemicals key to the effectiveness of your designs, products and production processes?

Do you know what the hydrogen economy has in store for you?

GISMO can help whether you are operating at refinery-levels or processing smaller volumes and are looking for new catalysts, improved processes, better product performance or to decarbonise them.

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GISMO can help manufacturers, process industries, innovators and chemistry-users to:

  • Find alternative chemicals or replace what you can no longer source efficiently
  • Improve product- and process-performance through materials characterisation, catalysis and performance analysis
  • Introduce new properties to enhance durability, resilience and longevity
  • Create new chemicals using the latest developments in chemical synthesis
  • Develop prototypes to demonstrate feasibility of new and innovative ideas
  • Trial chemical processes to inform decisions about large-scale production
  • Introduce new ways to reuse or recycle chemicals
  • Model complex chemical processes using specialist techniques, e.g. life cycle analysis

World-class facilities

Our Chemistry facilities contain dedicated synthetic, physical, analytical and biological research laboratories, as well as computer-based labs for our Chemical Theory and Computation researchers. Labs are equipped with state-of-the-art spectroscopic and analytical instrumentation, as well as gloveboxes, fume hoods, and a variety of computational equipment. 

Take a virtual tour of our cutting-edge cTAP Building and have a look inside!

cTAP Building
Chemicals and Hydrogen

Our expertise is backed by high quality research laboratories for synthetic, physical, analytical and computational chemistry and the facilities include a separations and mass spectrometry suite, X-ray diffraction, imaging suite and solid- and liquid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers, microscopy and nano fabrication capabilities.

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If you just want to put your materials, products and processes to the test, they will carry out a free diagnostic to assess them.

Meet the experts

Harry Hoster

Prof. Harry Hoster

Professor of Physical Chemistry and Director of Energy Lancaster

Katy Mason

Prof. Katy Mason

Professor of Markets and Management Practice

Denes Csala

Dr Denes Csala

Lecturer in Energy Storage and Systems Dynamics