The need for new alloys in additive manufacturing with Prof. Pedro Rivera


Join Professor Pedro Rivera and members of the Materials Science Institute and GISMO on Friday 26th March to learn about new alloys in additive manufacturing.

The event is the latest in a series of breakfast seminars from researchers about advances in materials science and how they can benefit you and your business.

Additive manufacturing offers a major opportunity for manufacturing of components, products and tooling that are used in harsh environments and high reliability or safety-critical applications. Examples of these include aerospace, automotive, medical implants, oil & gas, rail, marine, heavy engineering, nuclear and space technology applications.

The process and feedstocks that it uses allow the creation and use of new alloys that can deliver enhanced properties not achievable from conventional manufacturing processes. These alloys can improve the fatigue life, hardness, corrosion- and temperature-resistance of 3D-printed parts, adding value to products and extending the scope of applications for them.

Professor Pedro Rivera, Royal Academy of Engineering Chair at the Materials Science Institute in Lancaster University is a leading exponent of the use of new alloys and he will discuss the opportunities they present and the design and manufacturing issues involved. Professor Rivera said:

“Additive manufacturing (AM) is an exponentially growing technology; it originally attracted much attention due to the complex shapes it can attain. Metal AM can now lead to stronger and more durable products. This webinar explores how novel AM alloys can push technological boundaries, offering great opportunities to new businesses.”

Meet our materials science experts and find out about how to engage with Lancaster University’s Materials Science Institute and the GISMO programme to drive innovation and improve business prospects, improve the reliability and performance of your products and processes, and find out more about the specialist facilities at Lancaster University.

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